About Yaqub

When Yaqub was born in a rural village in Afghanistan, his parents knew that something was wrong with their baby. He did not eat enough, cried a lot and did not grow in time like other children. They were desperate when a family friend connected them with Farhad, a man who is known in Afghanistan to find solutions for very sick children. A complicated diplomatic effort began, issuing passports and permits to leave Afghanistan and enter Israel. In Israel, the SACH team waited at the airport to welcome Yaqub. As soon as he arrived, the Dr.'s that Yaqub was blue and exhausted. Yaqub was rushed to Wolfson Medical Center where they began efforts to stabilize him. Finally, he was taken to the OR that night and after long hours the team finished his open heart surgery and saved his life.

When he arrived at the Children's Home, his face was blue and he was unable to feed himself or sit up. He was a two-year-old who had the physical functions of a six-month-old. Thanks to his lifesaving heart surgery, throughout his time at SACH, he grew strong and started to sit up by himself. Yaqub loved to snack on Bamba and was able to enjoy real food for the first time. Yaqub won everyone over with his giggles and smile. The Afghani community in Israel was larger than life and reached out and joined SACH in helping and supporting Yaqub and his father. His father was gracious and loved to play games and color with the other children in the SACH House. after his life-saving heart surgery.

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