Palestinian Clinic

Every Tuesday, the Wolfson Medical Center hosts a free weekly cardiac clinic, which welcomes Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza who require medical diagnosis and treatment in Israel. These children are referred to the Save a Child’s Heart by about a dozen cardiologists throughout Gaza and the West Bank that work in partnership with our organization.

Nearly half of all children treated by SACH come from the Palestinian Authority. Since SACH's founding in 1995, over 5,000 Palestinian children have been screened and over 1,500 have undergone open-heart surgery. The clinic is part of The Heart of the Matter project that brings together Palestinians and Israelis by providing cardiac care to Palestinian children and outreach training programs for physicians from the Palestinian Authority. The Heart of the Matter project is co-sponsored by the European Union’s Partnership for Peace program and USAID West Bank and Gaza. SACH also receives significant support from the Israeli Ministry for Regional Cooperation spearheaded by former Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom and The Palestinian Ministry of Health (PMOH).