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Since 1995

Save a Child's Heart has treated more than 4,600 children suffering from congenital and rheumatic heart disease. The annual number of children we treat has grown dramatically from 48 cases in 1996 to 330 in 2017.

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With your help, we’ve saved more than 4,600 children from 57 countries around the world.

The children we help are treated at the Wolfson Medical Center and housed at the Legacy Heritage Children’s Home of Save a Child’s Heart, in Holon. They come from 57 countries and counting where adequate medical care is simply unavailable. Approximately 50% of the children treated by SACH are from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Iraq and Morocco, 30% are from Africa, and the rest come from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

If you know a child who needs our help, please use this Guidance and Referral Form.