About Aisha

Aisha was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot at the age of two years, which was detected because she would turn blue. While in Israel, Aisha also had surgery to correct her eyelid. She was required to wear a patch over her good eye before the surgery to strengthen her eye with the defect. After surgery, she was able to see with her whole right eye for the first time ever!

From the moment she arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, Aisha had a big smile on her face. At the Children's Home, she was outgoing and happy to meet new people. Aisha often walked hand-in-hand with the volunteers and visitors and loved to sit on their laps. One of her favorite things to do was to take pictures of herself making silly faces. Her mischievous laugh was recognizable throughout the house and she often played silly tricks on the live-in volunteers.

In the evenings, as the children watched a movie and prepared for bedtime, Aisha often channeled her inner-hairdresser and gave the live-in volunteers new hair-dos. While Aisha has her silly side, she is also extremely caring. She regularly looked after the younger children in the house and loved to play with the kitchen toys and dolls, pretending that she was the caregiver.

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