Our Mission

Every 29 hours, our doctors save a child's life

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Our Mission

Save a Child's Heart (SACH) is Israel’s largest humanitarian organization, with a global mission to provide life-saving cardiac care to children of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, or financial status, who suffer from congenital and acquired heart defects and have no access to quality care in their native countries. Altogether, our volunteer doctors and nurses have saved the lives of over 4,600 children from 55 countries and counting.

A big new dream that has been fulfilled is the construction of the own International Pediatric Cardiac Center - the largest in the Middle East - where all knowledge and training will be centered for the best care.

Doctors in Training

Save a Child’s Heart works with and trains medical personnel from partner sites around the world in all facets of pediatric cardiac care. Our model of sustainability includes a pathway to better medical training for doctors, nurses and specialists who want to serve their communities but have little access to the people and places that train tomorrow’s best surgeons. On-site teaching missions and our medical study abroad program in Israel give doctors-to-be the necessary tools to establish centers of competence in their home countries.

Medical Missions Abroad

Several times a year, our fully equipped medical team travels to developing areas around the world to screen and diagnose children who are then selected for surgery in Israel, or undergo procedures locally. On medical missions abroad, SACH cardiologists also provide follow-up care for children who have received care through SACH in the past. Once a SACH child, always a SACH child; If a child requires further medical attention, they are brought back to Israel for subsequent surgeries. Follow up care extends beyond pediatrics and into adulthood.

Free Palestinian Clinic

Every Tuesday, SACH welcomes Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza who require medical diagnosis and treatment in Israel. Nearly half of all children treated by SACH come from the PA. Since 1995, more than 5,000 Palestinian children have been examined at the weekly cardiology clinic.

The cardiology clinic is held with the cooperation of "Shevet Achim" a Christian organization based in Jerusalem. They assist in the coordination of the children’s arrival with the Palestinian and Israeli Authorities and also arrange the transportation of the children to and from the clinic.

This clinic is also part of The Heart of the Matter project that brings together Palestinians and Israelis by providing cardiac care to Palestinian children and outreach training programs for physicians from the Palestinian Authority. The Heart of the Matter project is co-sponsored by the European Union’s Partnership for Peace program and USAID West Bank and Gaza. SACH also receives significant support from the Israeli Ministry for Regional Cooperation spearheaded by former Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom and The Palestinian Ministry of Health (PMOH).

The International Pediatric Cardiac Center and Children's Hospital

Save a Child's Heart is embarking on its biggest project yet, to build an International Pediatric Cardiac Center at the Wolfson Medical Center , which will serve as a Children’s Hospital.

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