Volunteer in Israel

"I never imagined that in just 2 short weeks here I would experience something so life-changing." - Amanda Miller (full-time volunteer, summer 2017)



The volunteer experience

"As soon as I walked into the doors of the Children’s House on a rainy Sunday morning, an overflowing sense of joy rapidly found its way into my heart. My name is Bianca Kirsh, I’m from Brazil, and this is the story about my first week of volunteering with Save a Child’s Heart."

To read more about Bianca's time volunteering at the Children's Home and many more stories, check out the
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Meet a heart. Raise a heart. Save a heart.
In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. לב ('lev') means heart in Hebrew and has the value of 32. Save a Child's Heart's #EndlessLev campaign provides volunteers with an opportunity to not just volunteer but to be an advocate for SACH. Volunteers at SACH are asked to raise a minimum of $320 to participate in the volunteer program. By taking this opportunity to share the magic of the relationships and stories that make up SACH, you will make a life-long impact beyond your time in the Children's Home.
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