SACH on Campus

"I, along with a friend, decided to co-found a SACH club at Northwestern because we thought this was an incredible cause where Israeli cardiac surgeons were saving the lives of children irrespective of their race, religion, or nationality without expecting anything in return. A true example of the value Tikkun Olam." - Jessica Cohen (founder, Northwestern for SACH club)


Students have brought SACH to over 150 campuses nationwide

Share your passion for life-saving with others

Students across the country are putting their hearts and minds together to support life-saving cardiac care. Whether you host a film screening, a Meal that Heals, a fitness class or start your own SACH club, you can help bring Save a Child's Heart to hundreds of others, sharing in this life-saving mission. Through strong national partnerships with Hasbara Fellowships, CUFI on Campus, AEPi Fraternity, Stand With Us, ZOA, and Hillel International, we coordinate awareness, fundraising, and leadership initiatives for middle school, high school, and college students. In February of each year, join thousands of students and Give Your Heart Out during our international young leadership campaign to save ten lives during pediatric cardiac awareness month.

Ways to get involved:

Host a Meal that Heals: We'll provide you with the materials you need to host a SACH-themed Shabbat dinner, bagel brunch or potluck. You can also use some of the recipes from the Children's Home to cook up something tasty and unique to show support for the children and their guardians aka "resident chefs" at the Children's Home. Learn more.

Start a SACH Club: A SACH committee consists of five or more people who work together to achieve fundraising goals and host awareness events for Save a Child's Heart. Clubs commit to running four or more events a year for SACH including, one awareness event and one fundraising event. SACH clubs also helps with the SACH's annual Young Leadership campaign GiveYour Heart Out in February and participate in other campaigns throughout the year. Learn more.

Screen A Heartbeat Away: Host a screening of the documentary film about our doctors' medical mission to Tanzania.
Learn more.

Give Your Heart Out: Join hundreds of students across the country in the month of February to raise $100,000 to support life-saving cardiac care. Table for SACH, sell candygrams, roses or chocolate or host a Valentine's themed-event and rally students to get involved.

Get Creative: At SACH, we believe you can best cultivate your purpose by pursuing your passions. Host a cookoff, sports tournament, silent auction, 5K, bake sale, trivia night, dance-a-thon or gala event, when it comes to saving lives, anything is worth a try!