Fundraising and Awareness

Fundraising has never been easier

SACH is committed to Mending Hearts and Building Bridges by treating children of all backgrounds, no matter race, religion, ethnicity, gender or financial status and we know that the best way to predict the future is to build it so, how about we do this together? Donate or start your fundraising page today and join a network of global leaders as we embark on the greatest generation of change in history!

Our online fundraising platform is a community where you can rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to provide children around the world with life-saving cardiac care. Get started in three easy steps:

1) Set up your page: Whether you'd like to join as an individual or register as a team become a fundraiser and set up your personalized fundraising page in seconds. Set up your fundraising page now

2) Involve others: A SACH team member will help you set up a meaningful campaign so that you can meet your goal and share what's in your heart with others.

3) Get creative: At SACH we believe you can best cultivate your purpose by pursuing your passions. Donate your birthday, go skydiving or run a marathon - it's up to you! Our toolkit is also a great place to start. Download the toolkit

SACH is a colorful place and home to many diverse needs. When you fundraise, you choose how your money is allocated and what programs to fund. Your fundraising goals should be both ambitious and attainable and keep in mind, most fundraisers that reach their goals actually exceed them!

Share the Love

Celebrate life's greatest
moments by pledging a
donation to SACH and asking
your loved ones to do the
same. Whether it's your
birthday, Bar Mitzvah or
wedding day, you can accept
donations in lieu of gifts.

Get Hearts Racing

Get your cardio on in
support of cardiac care.
Run, climb, or dance and
ask donors to cheer you on
by pledging donations as
you meet your endurance
goals. Or invite them to
participate alongside you
in a fitness class to support

Other ways to get involved



At SACH, we believe you can
best cultivate your purpose
by pursuing your passions.
Host a dinner party,
challenge friends to a dareathon,
or throw a black tie
gala it's up to you!


Join our young leaders
throughout the world from
January through March by
participating in our
Valentine's campaign,
Give Your Heart Out,
and help us save the lives
of at least 10 children in
need of cardiac care.

Fundraising Spotlight

Chris, Menno, and Antoine ran for SACH in the 2017 New York City Marathon. Together, they raised over $15,000 and saved a child's life! Want to join them next year? You’ll get SACH swag & a pasta dinner—but more importantly, you’ll be running for a great cause!

Want to run with us and help bring life-saving pediatric cardiac care to children around the world?
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