Chai for Chai Monthly Giving

Give the Gift of Life

Join Chai for Chai, our monthly giving program, and contribute $18, $180 or $1800 each month towards life-saving surgeries for children around the world in need of pediatric cardiac care.

Chai (חי) is the Hebrew word for life. The word consists of two Hebrew letters —chet (ח) and yud (י), which have the alphanumeric value of 18. Because of this, chai, or the number 18, is invoked as a symbol for life at momentous occasions and in charitable giving. By giving "chai" or in multiples of $18 each month to Save a Child's Heart, you will have the chance to support life-saving for a lifetime.

When you sign up, receive a SACH pin and share your commitment to life-saving with the world.

Gift Chai for Chai and your giftee will be notified and sent a SACH pin. They will also receive SACH updates. Please select "dedicate my donation in honor or memory of someone" and "send a card in the mail" (under the donation field) then fill out the requested information on the donation page.

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